Agricultural Property for Sale in Kibwezi- Kenya

This is a 25 acre parcel of land fronting River Athi.

The land is gently sloping towards River Athi hence giving it good drainage. Supply of water to the entire farm is from a water pump installed at the River.

Accessibility to the farm is via the Kibwezi Kitui road and is about 21 km North of Kibwezi town.

The farm is divided into three sections as follows;

1) Home Stead
2) Crop Farm
3) Livestock Farming

The Home Stead

The home stead covers 1 acre and has the following developments on it;

a) Main house

This is a 2 bedroomed bungalow with in build side boards and wardrobes. The house has a spacious sitting room, a big kitchen with a dining with a dining area and a kitchen store.
There is one common toilet and bath room.

Lighting to the house and compound is from a solar panel. Waste from the house is drained into a septic tank and water used in the house is from high level water tank (2,000 litres in capacity) that collects water pumped from River Athi. Rain water is harvested to a big tank of about 30,000 litres in capacity.

b) Ware house

This is a three roomed building sitting on about 2,500 sq ft.

The building is divided into three rooms as follows
  • The grosser where all fresh produce from the farm is stored
  • A poultry house for rearing poultry
  • A farm store where farm machinery, pipes and other appliances are kept.
c) Servants quarters

This is a house with two rooms and a kitchen. There is also a pit latrine that is shared by all the servants. The occupants of this quarters get there water from a common tap.

d) Cattle shed

This is a structure that prevents animals from straying into the farm. Animals mainly cows are fed in the shed. The milk produced is mainly consumed domestically.

The Crop Farm

This is where most of the farming activity takes place. The farm has the following developments on it;

a) 400 mature Mango trees whose market is mainly international.

b) 200 young mango trees.

c) 200 stems of mature bananas

d) 2 acres of young banana plantation

e) 110 mature orange trees occupying about an acre.

Many other fruits can do well in this kind of environment.
Horticultural farming especially green housing is best for this area.

Farm Price 8.5 Million



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