Maasai Mara Land for Sale (150 Acres and 101.2 Acres Parcels)

Maasai Mara Land for Sale


The first parcel is a 150 acre parcel of land fronting the Maasai Mara National Park. This is a conservancy area and the land is in the hands of local residents. The land is located in the Narok County. The locals here depend on income generated from tourism. The access road to the Mara is tarmacked up to Narok town.

The remaining part is an all weather murram road.

The occupants of the camps use water from a common borehole although the Mara River can be another source of water. Power is generated from diesel generators since the policy is to maintain the natural environment as much as possible.

Residents here either lease or sell land to persons interested in investing in the area.

Income: Tourists to the camps are charged a fee per day per person. Most will stay here for at least three nights. They also pay a conservation fee per day per person. A small part of this fee goes to the community group that maintains the conservancy while the rest is retained by the owners of camps/land. The rates change from one camp to another and depending on the kind of facilities in the camp.

Attraction features: The main attractions of the Mara include the beautiful scenery, various species of birds and animals including the white Rhino and the wild beast migration popularly known as the seventh wonder of the world.

Other details: The current tenant is on temporary lease. The new owner of the land will be free to extend or terminate the lease. The land can be subdivided into smaller portions according to the needs of the investor. The leasing fee can either be a flat rate or a percentage based on the returns as agreed with the owner of the land.


This is a parcel of land that is located about 3km from a camp. It has no development on it. The green vegetation forms the grazing pastures and a home to the several wild animals.

The land is about 1km from the Mara River. Several animals and birds can be found on this land that is also very close to the forest rangers offices.

Price: the cost of land is Kshs 150,000 per acre



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